WDNR 2018 Fish Survey Results for Lost Land and Teal

Wisconsin DNR’s Hayward Fish Team (Max Wolter, Scott Braden, and Evan Sniadejewski) have completed all the follow-up data analysis, laboratory work, and writing pursuant to several important fish surveys conducted on Lost Land and Teal lakes in spring of 2018. QLIA photographically chronicled the field aspects of this work as it progressed, which can be viewed by clicking on the bold blue font here, or by clicking on the Fishery Surveys subject in the drop-down menu under the Fisheries tab on our home page, where all past fishery surveys are posted also.

Within that previously published photo journal, Dave Neuswanger provided a preliminary summary and interpretation of results. Official results, including fish capture rates and species length distributions, are now available in the following reports submitted by Max Wolter, Fishery Management Biologist for the Wisconsin DNR at Hayward. Just click on the attached documents in bold blue font in order to download the PDFs and view the reports. To Max and crew… thanks for a great job, guys!

Summary of Lost Land Lake Spring 2018 Fish Surveys

Summary of Teal Lake Spring 2018 Fish Surveys

Max Wolter inspects the catch dipnetted out of the fyke net by Scott Braden.