In the Quiet Lakes neighborhood, drinking water is ground water — supplied almost entirely by individual private wells. There are no surface water supply reservoirs, municipal storage tanks or water treatment plants where water is purified and disinfected prior to distribution to homeowners. For potable water that is safe for drinking, we depend entirely upon the quality of our ground water. It follows that we must be careful about the water we discharge at or near the surface (e.g., septic systems), because the law of gravity insists that surface water eventually becomes ground water.

How do we know our well water is safe to drink?

The Sawyer County Health and Human Services Department has prepared an excellent brochure to help well owners understand and arrange to test (for posted fees) the quality of their drinking water. Click on the bold blue link below to download this brochure:

Private Well Water Testing Brochure from Sawyer County

How can we maintain our wells to ensure long-term performance?

The National Water Systems Council has developed an outstanding brochure to help rural property owners understand how wells work, and what we can do to maintain them in good condition. For “everything you ever wanted to know about wells but were afraid to ask,” click on the bold blue link below to download this brochure:

Well Owner’s Manual