Spring 2022 Update Letter for our QLIA Members


QLIA Members,

We are writing to provide an update regarding the 2022 QLIA grants, upcoming meetings & events.

The QLIA Board is meeting the first week in May 2022 to organize our committee structure for Fundraising, Eco Harvester Operations, Eurasian Milfoil mitigation, Clean Boats/Clean Waters landing monitors & Communication. After we define the committees we will reach to our volunteers. We have a jump-start on the Clean Boat/Clean Waters monitor search for this summer and you will see the advertisement in the Sawyer County Record this week.

We can not possibly accomplish all that we do without the QLIA volunteers. The following volunteers have been incredibly supportive and please take the time to thank them when you see them on the lake!

Carolyn Ascher, David Ascher, David Blumer, Mike Bennett, Linda Bratteig, Norm Bratteig, Mike Brown, Mitch Carlson, Martha Cowan, Perry Cowan, Mike Derrico, Chad Dohrmann, Patti Dohrmann, Karen Fiala, Rob Fiala, Steve Fiala, Dan Fitzsimmons, John Grady, Helen Hlavin, Ralph Hlavin, Carol Jarzyna, Joel Jenson, Sue Jenson, Michelle Keil, Gary Keil, Jerry Keyes, Jerry Krueger, Elise Kroll, Kevin Kroll, Ron Kunz, Peter Laks, Megan Mader, Gary Meloy, Darrin Ott, Jerry Oltman, Craig Pagenkopf, Kim Phelps, LouAnn Phelps, Tom Ridgeway, Dave Samuelson, Bill Stednitz, Gary Walker, Margaret Wheeler, Mike Wheeler, Amy Jo Wittenberg, John Wittenberg, Steve Yagle, Rick Zaksas, Aaron Zelko

We are working closely with LEAPS LLC to implement the following WDNR grants that were awarded for 2022:

* Clean Boats Clean Waters for Teal, Lost Land & Ghost: $3,256.50

* Teal, Lost Land, and Ghost Surface Water Planning: $15,404.64

The Clean Boats Clean Waters program will help us educate boaters on invasive species, especially the Eurasian watermilfoil in our lakes & how to reduce the spread. The Surface Water Planning Grant will be used to help us update our Aquatic Plant Management Plan so that we can figure out the best way to tackle our milfoil problem & continue to secure WDNR grant funding to help us in the future.

Unfortunately, we were not awarded the research grant to study how well the EcoHarvester handles Eurasian watermilfoil. However, we can still re-apply for this grant in the fall if the board and folks around the lake support it.

SAVE THE DATES for the following 2022 meetings & events:

QLIA Annual Meeting is set for Saturday, July 16, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. at the Town of Spider Lake Town Hall at 10896W Town Hall Rd, Hayward, WI  54843.  More information to follow.


QLIA Annual Picnic will be on Saturday, August 20, 2022, at 12:00 noon and hosted by Red Deer Resort on Lost Land Lake.  More details to follow!     


Regarding our future fundraising opportunities,  we will be launching an Apparel Sale in June 2022 and the website will be up for 3 straight weeks.  We will keep you posted as to when the apparel is available & please keep an eye on the QLIA Website for event information and more details.


Thank you again for your continuing support,


Norm Bratteig, President

Kim Phelps, Vice President

Steve Fiala, Director at Large

Perry Cowan, Treasurer

Carolyn Ascher, Secretary