September 2019 Walleye Surveys and Stockings

By Dave Neuswanger
Updated September 25, 2019

Wisconsin DNR Fishery Management Biologist Max Wolter has informed us that, weather permitting, his crew will be electrofishing in near-shore areas of Teal Lake on Wednesday night, September 25 in order to assess reproductive survival of juvenile walleyes. Plans to conduct a similar survey on Lost Land Lake on Tuesday night, September 24 were cancelled due to dangerous weather conditions. The Lost Land survey has been re-scheduled to occur on Monday night, September 30, weather permitting. On both survey dates, expect to see WDNR’s highly specialized 18-foot jon boat with guard rails and bright lights moving slowly along several miles of shoreline. Work begins after sunset and usually ends long after Midnight after a sufficient sample has been obtained to provide an accurate assessment. Primary targets for capture during these surveys will be juvenile walleyes arising from natural reproduction in spring of 2018 and 2019. This information will help WDNR understand the extent to which our walleye fisheries are supported by natural reproduction versus the alternate-year fall stockings of extended-growth (6- to 8-inch) fingerlings produced at the State Hatchery in Spooner. Lost Land and Teal were last stocked in fall of 2017.

WDNR Fisheries Biologist Max Wolter (center right) prepares waterproof data tablet while WDNR Fisheries Technician Scott Braden checks out the controls prior to a nighttime electrofishing survey.

Shortly after these electrofishing surveys have been completed (within a week or two), we can also expect that Lost Land, Teal, and Ghost lakes will receive scheduled stockings of extended-growth walleye fingerlings reared to lengths of 6-8 inches at WDNR’s Thompson Hatchery in Spooner. Lost Land is scheduled to receive 5 walleyes per acre, to be stocked from WDNR’s recently renovated public boat landing in Landing Camp Bay. Teal and Ghost lakes each are scheduled to receive 10 walleyes per acre. Teal will probably be stocked at a convenient location on the east side of the lake on property shared by members of the Back-O’-Beyond Condo Association, and Ghost will be stocked from the U.S. Forest Service boat landing on the east side. Actual dates of stocking are dependent on hatchery pond harvest logistics and weather, so cannot be predicted more than a day or so in advance. Scheduled stockings are occurring a bit later than usual this year due to the unseasonably warm weather and water temperatures that, until now, have been sub-optimal for handling, hauling, and delivering walleyes in good condition. Refer later to the Fish Stocking sub-page on our Fisheries page in order to see updated stocking records.

Walleyes like this one, reared at the Thompson Hatchery in 2019, will be stocked into all three of the Quiet Lakes in late September or early October of 2019 as part of a multi-lake, multi-year walleye stocking evaluation being conducted by the Wisconsin DNR.