Quiet Lakes Improvement Association members update for 2021

Fellow members,

We’ve had a busy year in 2021. We had our annual meeting and election of new officers in July. Norm Bratteig (me) was elected President, Steve Fiala retained his At-Large Director position, Carolyn Ascher was elected Secretary. Perry Cowan is treasurer and not up for election until next year. We appointed Kim Phelps as Vice President filling my VP vacancy.

The Harvester operated from Mid-July to the first week of September with crews from Lost Land and Teal Lakes. We had 161 volunteer man hours donated to the removal of the Milfoil. We removed 435 cubic yards from the two lakes. We can’t wait and see what our efforts look like next spring.

We have applied for grants with the DNR including: surveying the lakes water quality, and clean boat/ clean water ramp inspectors. The crucial grant I am personally interested in is the effects of the Eco Harvester on the total lake environment. Are we helping or hurting the lakes in the long range future?

Like all associations, we need your support in accomplishing our goals. We are looking into several fund raising possibilities for continuing capital to pay for the work. Grants work on a 75% from the DNR and 25% support by the Association. We are able to reduce the 25% obligation by volunteer work. The Harvester needed some costly repairs this past summer and will need some modifications next spring. The Harvester fund is nearly depleted, and the Association will need funds supplemented by additional donations. We do have money in the general fund, but that will be needed for other obligations.

Volunteer hours for off setting the 25% for the Association, can be Ghost Lake monitoring (weeds, clarity basic lake well being). I know we have limited members on Ghost Lake, but if someone could volunteer to do Secchi Readings and visual plant inspections, we can use those hours also. We can help educate a volunteer on what to look for in these operations.

Thank you again for your continuing support,
Norm Bratteig, President
Kim Phelps, Vice President
Steve Fiala, Director at Large
Perry Cowan, Treasurer
Carolyn Ascher, Secretary