Picnic Recap Recap – Sunday, August 15

08-15-2021 Picnic Recap:

5 new members

Attendance – 68 members and 7 guest


Clothing – 5 Polo shirts – 3 hats and tee shirts – 1 fleece jacket

You can still order any of these if you’d like.


50/50 Raffle – $340 won by Connie Miller and she donated her $340 back – $680

Harvester fund jar from Reel Livin $133

Donations to the Harvester and Wine glass sales $955

Total Harvester Amount $1,768

Red Deer and Reel Livin are having a drink “Wine Glass Special” so I’ve been told

Thank you Dave Blumer with LEAPS, LLC for stopping by the picnic & informing members about your insight to possible milfoil mitigation tactics, better water quality & safety for our Quiet Lakes.

Thanks to everyone who helped and joined in the fun.


QLIA Board

Norm – Kim – Perry – Carylon – Steve