Minutes for Saturday, Oct 24th 2017 – Executive Committee


TIME & PLACE: A meeting of the Teal, Lost Land and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association Board was held Saturday, October 24, 2017, at 1:45 p.m. at the Hoff Ct home of Gayle Little in Hayward. Board members David Neuswanger (President), Gayle Little (Treasurer), and Gail Nicholson (Secretary) were present. Board members Norm Bratteig (Vice President), and Steve Fiala (Member at Large) were not present at this meeting.

1. Secretary Gail Nicholson provided a draft of the minutes from the July, 2017 Association Membership Meeting. David Neuswanger requested that a digital copy of the draft of the minutes be sent to him and to Gayle Little for review.

2. Treasurer Gayle Little provided a copy of the Teal, Lost Land and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association Financial Report for 2017 as of 10/23/17 to all members present at this meeting. This report provided an overview of the Total Balance on Hand – $4,086.14; Total Disbursements – $20,533.08 for 2017; and Total Receipts – $18,824.92 for 2017.

3. Walleye Stocking – David Neuswanger provided information about walleye stocking. Teal Lake received its planned stocking of extended-growth walleyes from WDNR on September 21 and September 22, 2017. Victoria Ross, of Ross’s Teal Lake Rentals provided access to  Teal Lake for the stocking. Lost Land Lake also received walleye stocking by WDNR during the summer of 2017. This stocking was not successful, as explained below, and on October 23, 2017, an additional stocking of walleyes in Lost Land Lake was completed. Historically, when stocking occurs, a total of 5 fish per acre have been supplied in Lost Land Lake since 2013; and a total of 10 fish per acre have been supplied in Teal Lake since 2011.

a. In a September 2017 WDNR Electrofishing Survey, it was determined that very few of the 3.5 inch walleyes that were stocked (in summer 2017) in Lost Land Lake survived. About 35-40 young walleyes per mile were expected to be found along the shoreline by this time. Only 1 young walleye per mile was found. The problem occurred because WDNR had to stock with smaller walleyes at an earlier date in Lost Land Lake because of supply-chain problems at WDNR’s hatchery in Spooner. To restore momentum of the walleye population and to keep Lost Land Lake as a valid study site for WDNR’s multi-lake stocking evaluation, the Board determined that a restocking should occur.

b. All board members were contacted by email in the week prior to the 10/24/2017 meeting, and it was unanimously decided to invest $11,779.20 for the needed stocking of walleyes, and to request help in the form of contributions from two local organizations.

c. Donations from the following local organizations were made to help with the cost of the walleye stocking: Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin – Bob Schuster, Treasurer, provided a check for $2500.00 to offset price of walleyes. Pictures were taken for the press and for the website.
Quiet Lakes Tourism Association – A meeting was held at Empire Lodge and $1500.00 was donated for walleye stocking. Pictures related to the donation were taken.

d. Gollon’s Bait and Fish Farm in Dodgeville, Wisconsin conducted the restocking on 10/23/2017 after Sawyer County DNR biologist Max Wolter approved a permit for this private fish stocking.

e. QLIA Website Photo Editor Bryan Neuswanger of Keenai Photography photographed the stocking, and pictures were posted on the Association website.

4. If our board contributes $100.00 per year to the Walleyes of Northwest Wisconsin organization, we would be eligible for help with projects such as the restocking. A motion was made and seconded to contribute $100.00 to this organization each year. The vote carried unanimously.

5. After a motion, a second, and a unanimous vote, the Board determined that our 2018 Summer Membership Meeting will be held on a Sunday afternoon from 1:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m. so members who own resorts can also attend.

6. A discussion was held regarding the addition of a Committee on Property Management as a spring meeting Agenda Item.

7. A discussion was held regarding the WDNR decision to close the public boat landing on Upper A for 8 weeks after Memorial Day so that repair work and updates can be done. Dave will talk with resort owners to see if a local resort might be interested in providing public access to Lost Land Lake during the boat landing closure.

8. A discussion was held regarding ways to increase membership of the QLA. A suggestion was made that Gary Maloy might be able to provide some good ideas. Also Gayle Little will check with the Chippewa Flowage organization to see what they do to increase membership.

9. There was a discussion about the need to check Wilson Bay in the Spring to see if the Hybrid Eurasian Water Milfoil (HEWM) is coming back in the areas that were treated. This investigation will help to determine what direction should be taken regarding the control of HEWM in Lost Land Lake.

10. David Neuswanger asked Gail Nicholson to review, over the winter the file of whatever information exists regarding the legal authority for enforcing the speed restrictions on the Quiet Lakes. Could Sawyer County, Spider Lake Township, or DNR have any ability to enforce?

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:30 p.m.