Minutes for Saturday, May 25th 2013 – General Spring Meeting


TIME & PLACE: The 150th meeting of the Teal, Lost Land and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association
was held Saturday, May 25, 2013 at Boulder Lodge. The meeting was called to order by President Bob Dale at 9:05 a.m.

ROLL CALL: Board members Bob Dale (President), Shari Peterson (Secretary), Rex Clevenger (Treasurer), Gayle Little (Membership & Newsletter), Norm Bratteig (Environmental) were present.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Linda Bratteig, Barb Clevenger, Christie Jablonski, Mike and Joni Kirkhoff, Case and Jo Mazik, Roger and Penny Hage, Audrey Divilbiss, Jim Imse, Chris and Gene Aichele, Dan and Pat Kolner, Bob Niedziejko, and Sue Dale. Guests: Alan and Mary Becker

PRESENTATION: Tiffiney Kleczewski of Flambeau Engineering gave a presentation on the “Aquatic Plant Management Plan for Teal, Lost Land and Ghost Lakes”. Tiffiney and Quiet Lake member volunteers spent many hours last summer surveying and taking plant samples on all 3 lakes. The results of the testing are in the report. Tiffiney reported the results in her presentation; a copy of her 46-slide presentation is attached.

BREAK: After a short break the meeting resumed. Thanks to Sue Dale, Barb  Clevenger, and Shari Peterson for bringing treats.

SECRETARY (Peterson): Approval of the September 21, 2012 General Meeting Minutes passed. There was no new correspondence.

TREASURER (Clevenger): Rex reported that the QLA has 2 checking accounts. One is the general fund and the other is the walleye fund. Rex put together a chart, shown below, of the cash flow from 2011 to present. The money that we receive from the DNR is collected through Wisconsin’s gas tax.


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MEMBERSHIP (Little): Gayle reported that at the end of 2012 our membership role stood at 165. She removed 13 members because of various reasons, so our total now is at 152. We have 18 lifetime members. This year 75 members have already paid dues. One of the payments this year included a $300 donation to the walleye fund from Frank and Mary Koppa. We are down to only 38 members that receive the QLA Newsletter through the US postal service.

ENVIRONMENT (Bratteig): Norm reported that boat inspections are going to be starting the last week of May. Kelly McCracken, and AJ and Nick Anderson are the monitors again this year. As soon as Norm arranges a date where all can attend he will set up the training. He will get it published as soon as he can on the blog and email so anyone else who is interested can attend. If anyone is interested in part time
employment as a boat monitor contact Norm. The hourly wage is around $11.00 per hour. We especially need help the weekend of the Musky tournament October 1st. Norm will be collecting samples for lake water testing next week. He has been testing Lost Land Lake for the last 15 years and has seen a great improvement in water clarity over those years. When he first started he reported a secchi disk reading of
around 3 feet and now it is 12 feet. The biggest contributor to clearer water has been bringing septic systems up to code. Jack Wellauer has been testing Teal Lake but is looking for someone to take over that responsibility. Jack will provide the training. We also need someone to collect water samples on Ghost Lake. Water samples are mailed to the DNR in Madison at no expense to the volunteer. Currently
lake water levels are high.

FISHERIES (Gouze): John was not able to be at the meeting today because he is in Phoenix celebrating his mothers 94th birthday. He put together some information for Bob Dale to report to the members. There is a bag limit of 2 walleye in Lost Land Lake, and Teal Lake. This fall the DNR will be releasing 2,500 extended growth walleye into both Lost Land Lake and Teal Lake. The DNR’s stocking efforts in
the fall of 2011 and this fall will bring the total extended growth walleye count to 12,300 between Lost Land Lake and Teal Lake. Extended growth walleye average around 10 inches. We revisited our QLA EGW project planning from 2 years ago. We took into account the number of EG walleyes the DNR is planting and included the possible matching funds of $2,000 from Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin.
We’d like to target fall of 2014 to implement our QLA Extended Growth Walleye Planting Effort. It would consist of planting an additional 2,500 EGW into each LLL and TL. We still need an additional $3,000 in our walleye fund by the spring of 2014 to make this happen. Spring is when we need to place the orders, apply for DNR permits, and request the matching funds. Bob and Sue Dale will be picking up and
installing the water temperature monitors on their dock again this spring. There are 4 fish studies being conducted. They are a large mouth bass study, musky study, panfish study, and walleye spawning study.

PROPERTIES (Gouze): Bob reported that the v shaped docking ramp on Knot Island picnic spot needs some repair. Other than that, the picnic sites on Knot and Raspberry Islands are in good shape. We may need to replace some buoys this year. Thanks to all our lake friends who keep these areas cleaned up after they use them.
PROGRAM/SOCIAL (vacant): Bob Dale reported that the next Quiet Lakes General Meeting will be July 20 at Spider Lake Town Hall. The ever popular Chris Cold will be our guest speaker. His presentation will be on Raptors and Predatory Birds of the Great Lakes Region. The picnic will be held August 18 at Reel Livin’ Resort on Lost Land Lake. We welcome any donations for the raffle event. The fall meeting will be
held September 21st at Boulder Lodge. Our guest speaker will be historian, author and local resident Jim Brakken. He has written a book The Treasure of Namakagon which gives a glimpse into Wisconsin’s single greatest economic event, the cutting of the virgin pine in the late 1800’s. Hundreds of thousands of lumberjacks descended on the north hoping to harvest the ‘green gold’. And the lost mine? The legendary
silver cache of Chief Namakagon will most likely be discovered one day. This book offers some clues about where to begin your search.

BLOG (Clevenger): Bob encourages residents to send in pictures and stories to share. Recently, a picture was sent in by Norm Bratteig showing this year’s snowy fishing opener. If you have a story about our lakes or the surrounding area, please send it to quiet_lakes@yahoo.com so we can get it into the blog. The blog address is: http://quietlakeswisconsin.blogspot.com. To get automatic e-mail alerts of new
posts, just enter your e-mail address in the FOLLOW THE BLOG VIA EMAIL area on the right hand column.

LOON WATCH (Gayle): Gayle reported that with the unseasonable snowy spring weather there were reports of loon fallouts, which means that their wings were icing up. The loons were unable to fly and literally fell to the ground. In the Sawyer County area the loons were challenged by wings icing up and the fact that there was no open water to land on as the lakes are still frozen. Loons are not able to survive on
land. They must be in water. Anyone seeing a grounded loon was advised to wrap it in a blanket to prevent it from thrashing about and put it in a cardboard box for transport to open water. Lake Hayward  was open. There were 6 loons that suffered injured wings and were taken to wildlife rehabilitators. Gayle has seen a pair of loons near Lynch Creek, and loons near the Teal River.


NEW BUSINESS (Dale): Bob reported that at the July meeting we will be voting in the directors. Unless we receive word of more candidates, Rex Clevenger will be voted on as our next President. Rex said he wants to focus on 4 things. Number one is to maintain the momentum of the Quiet Lakes Association. Second, he wants to continue the fight to keep invasive species out of our waters through grants, monitoring and volunteer testing. Third is to increase our walleye population. Last is to have a discussion with the members about what to do in case of emergencies. Rex took a First Responders course and just graduated as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). He will be working one day a week as an EMT in Cable or Hayward. He is interested in discussing CPR training, and possibly purchasing an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). If someone has a heart attack an AED or CPR could save his/her life but it must be done within 10 minutes. After 10 minutes a person has only a one percent chance of surviving.
Discussing strategies for emergency action whether you are at home, biking or skiing in the woods is something he would like to continue at the general meetings.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Meeting adjourned at 11:35 a.m.