Minutes for Saturday, June 22nd 2018 – Executive Committee


 TIME & PLACE: The EXCOM meeting of the Teal, Lost Land and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association was held Friday, June 22, 2018, at the Neuswanger cabin on Steamboat Bay of Lost Land Lake. The meeting was called to order by President Dave Neuswanger at 10:00 am.

EXCOM members Dave Neuswanger (President), Norm Bratteig (Vice President), Gayle Little (Treasurer) and Gail Nicholson (Secretary) were present. Director-atLarge Steve Fiala was not present at this meeting.


1. MINUTES and REPORTS: The Minutes from the last meeting were presented by Gail Nicholson.

a. The Minutes from the March 13, 2018 EXCOM meeting were tentatively approved pending later review of the finalized written document, with options to make any changes if needed.

b. Gayle Little presented a copy of the Treasurer’s report. The total disbursements for 2017 were $1,487.75. The total balance on hand as of 6/18/2018 was $3,952.85.

3. PROGRAM LEADERS: Dave Neuswanger discussed the plan to appoint volunteer Program Leaders who would be approved by majority agreement of the Executive Committee, and could include EXCOM members themselves. The Program Leaders will work on specific areas and will recruit and organize volunteers to help with specific program areas on an as-needed basis. This approach would replace the traditional “committee” structure that may have discouraged some members from participating. The EXCOM supported this new approach unanimously (including Steve Fiala based on previous input). The next step would be to choose program leaders and get a pool of volunteers at the summer meeting of members.

A potential list of “programs” requiring leaders and possible leaders:
– AIS Monitoring and Response (Norm Bratteig)
– Fishery Management (David Neuswanger)
– Shoreline Habitat Enhancement (John Grady)
– Water Quality Monitoring (Bryan Neuswanger)
– Property Management (Mike Brandt)

4. TAX-EXEMPT STATUS: There was a discussion about the IRS requirements for tax-exempt status. Gayle Little will review the file and seek additional information on the current tax-exempt status of the QLIA.

5. BOATING ORDINANCE: A discussion took place regarding the boating ordinance. Dave Neuswanger provided information that Craig Depew, the Sawyer County Recreation Officer, can enforce this ordinance. Dave will provide further information regarding an overview of the ordinance, the enforcement procedures, and contact information. We want to approach this carefully and not become too “heavy-handed” with an initiative to enforce, but many members are not happy with rampant violations of the 10 mph speed limit in recent years.

6. WDNR BOAT RAMP RENOVATIONS: An update was presented regarding the July 16th scheduled closing and renovation of the WDNR public boat ramp on Lost Land Lake. Pending repairs to their resort’s boat landing, Ralph and Helen Hlavin of The Retreat at Lost Land Lake have volunteered to allow the general public to use their ramp free of charge while the WDNR public boat ramp is being renovated. Jim Miller excavating is expected to complete improvements to the landing at The Retreat by around mid July, in time to make the resort’s ramp available for public use while the WDNR landing is closed for renovation.

7. FISH SURVEYS: Dave Neuswanger presented information on work that has been done to collect data on fish populations in our lakes. Via our website, Dave will formally thank the volunteers who helped with spring 2018 surveys. Once we have the approved survey summaries from WDNR’s Sawyer County Fishery Manager, Max Wolter, these reports will be posted on the Fisheries sub-page of our website. Dave also provided information about the success of WDNR’s muskellunge egg collection operation this spring.

8. HEWM: Norm Bratteig volunteered to immediately check on the status of HEWM in previously treated areas of Lost Land Lake in an effort to assess the effectiveness of our 2017 treatment with Reward herbicide (Diquat Dibromide).
The EXCOM consensus was that strong regrowth of HEWM in treated areas would indicate little benefit in continuing a chemical treatment strategy. However, if only native plants are recolonizing previously treated areas, we would plan to extend the Reward herbicide treatments to Steamboat Bay and other areas of infestation. Norm agreed to report back as soon as possible so that we can decide whether or not to conduct additional herbicide treatments this summer.

9. WATER QUALITY MONITORING: Dave Neuswanger discussed ongoing efforts to assemble a complete inventory of all equipment used for our monitoring of water quality. Bryan Neuswanger has obtained all the equipment formerly used and stored by Jack Wellauer (for Teal) and Norm Bratteig (for Lost Land). We recently purchased a new temperature/dissolved oxygen meter with 50-foot cable to replace one that became dysfunctional years ago. Bryan will contact WDNR to obtain the additional equipment and supplies needed to resume monitoring both

Teal and Lost Land Lake. Samples must be collected at least monthly from June through August, refrigerated, and shipped to the State Lab of Hygiene for analysis of chlorophyll a and total phosphorus concentrations. We need to find volunteers and provide training for sampling the water in each lake. Bryan Neuswanger will assume responsibility for sampling Lost Land Lake and try to find someone to perform similar duties on Teal. Dave will work with WDNR to ensure the 2020 assessment cycle will include five years of sampling that accurately reflects the true condition of water in Teal Lake and Lost Land Lake.

10. SEPTIC SYSTEM UPDATE: On June 18th, Dave Neuswanger met with Eric Wellauer, Sawyer County Sanitarian, to discuss issues related to septic systems near the lakes. Eric reported that there had been an 83% response rate by homeowners who corrected problems in surveys conducted more than two decades ago. As a result, no mass testing program is needed at this time, but residents need to know that steel tanks are still a problem. One mitigating factor is that inspections are legally required by haulers every three years when they come out to pump the septic systems.

11. ANNUAL MEETING PLANS: The annual meeting will be held on July 29, 2018 from 1-3 p.m. at Boulder Lodge. After the meeting, there will be a picnic and entertainment from 3-5 p.m. The EXCOM positions of Vice President and Treasurer will be ending their two year terms; so an election will be held for those positions at this meeting. Gayle Little and Norm Bratteig are both willing to serve in the next term if they are elected by the members. As required under Article 4, Section 2B of our Association Bylaws, Dave will post the “ballot” for election of new Association officers to our online events calendar a couple of weeks before the meeting.

Dave Neuswanger met with the Quiet Lakes Tourism Association on 10/23/17, and their members felt that they would most likely attend a Sunday afternoon meeting. Dave reported that the QLTA has earmarked $2,500 for AIS control in the Quiet Lakes.

By July 10, Dave will provide a meeting agenda to Gayle Little for distribution in preparation for the annual meeting.

Adjournment: A motion was made, and seconded to adjourn the meeting, and a unanimous vote was held.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.