Minutes for Saturday, July 23rd 2011 – General Summer Meeting


TIME & PLACE: The 145th meeting of the Teal, Lost Land and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association was held at the Spider Lake Town Hall on Saturday, July 23rd 2011. The meeting was called to order by President Bob Dale at 9:08.

ROLL CALL: Board members Bob Dale (President), John Hanson (Vice-President), Gayle Little (Membership & Newsletter), Shari Peterson (Acting Secretary), Rex Clevenger (Environment), John Gouze (Properties/Fisheries) were present. Members present were Case and Jo Mazik, Barb Clevenger, Sue Dale, Mike and Joni Kirkhoff, Rich and Anita Wilson, John and Julie Trombello, Maryann Palm, Pat and Jim Doooley, Dan and Connie Perritt, Jim and Donna Nickel, Allan and Barbara Niemi, Audrey Divilbiss, Amy Manolis, Jim Imse, Fern-Aileen Imse, Rhoda Nelson, Don Nelson, Janet King, Chris and Kay Callaway, Jeff Peterson.

Visitors: George and Nancy Pugnucco, Sherry Nelson.

PROGRAM: President Bob Dale introduced our very own Gayle Little to give this morning’s presentation on “Loons”. It was reported by the members that within the last couple weeks as many as 12 loons were seen grouped together on Teal Lake. Thank you Gayle for the enjoyable presentation as well as the years you’ve participated in the “Loon Watch” on the Quiet Lakes.

ACTING SECRETARY (Peterson): Minutes from the Spring 2011 meeting were approved. Shari Peterson reported no new correspondence.

TREASURER (Johnson): Orlin Johnson was not present. Bob Dale reported as of July 11, 2011 our checking and savings balance is $6,382.54. This balance is the total of two separate funds – the General Operating Fund and the Walleye Fund. The treasurer’s report was approved.

MEMBERSHIP (Little): Gayle reported 163 active members out of approximately 300 potential members. 36 of our members have not paid 2011 dues. A new members packet with maps of the lakes, the QLA bylaws, etc is being developed. Any communications can be emailed to
‘quiet_lakes@yahoo.com’, or telephone #715-462-9810. More than 2/3rds of the members receive newsletters via email, only 44 are sent via Postal Service.

ENVIRONMENT (Clevenger): Rex reported that presently there are no curly-leaf pondweed, purple loosestrife, or Eurasian water milfoil in the Quiet Lakes. However, many of our surrounding lakes have invasive species. A dime size piece of Eurasian water milfoil can become 5 acres in 30 days. The key is to stop it at the boat ramps. Eurasian milfoil can survive up to 5 days on a boat out of water. Rex and Bob Dale attended the Northwest Wisconsin Lakes Conference in June.
There are over 30 lakes in Sawyer County that have invasive species. The Minong flowage, Lake Nancy and Gilmore Lakes spend approximately $100,000 per year not to eradicate but just limit the growth of invasive species. Applying chemicals to the water is the usual method in managing Eurasion milfoil and curly leaf pondweed. The Sawyer County Record printed an article on Kristi Maki’s invasive species training class held on the Quiet Lakes. We have 16 volunteers monitoring Lost Land Lake and Teal Lake. We still need one volunteer to monitor the Teal River and 2 volunteers are needed on Ghost Lake. Jack Wellauer tests the water clarity, temperature, oxygen content and phosphorous levels on Teal Lake off of Birch Point. Larry Matheny does the same on the Teal river and Paul Wicklund tests Lost Land Lake near Green Point. Average clarity is roughly 6 feet on Lost Land and Teal Lakes over the last 10 – 15 years. Water temperatures over the last 15 years have stayed consistent. Phosphorous level in Teal Lake is higher than Lost Land. The DNR has designated Teal Lake and Teal River as an “Outstanding Resource Water”. Wisconsin has approximately 15,000 lakes and only 103 have this designation. QLA was denied a grant from the DNR to cover the costs of monitoring boats at the boat ramps. By August 1st we will have reapplied for a 2 year grant. The dollar amount will be under $10,000 so we are not in the same bracket as lakes that are already battling invasive species and therefore applying for a larger grant. 25% of the grant must be matched through volunteer efforts. The 16 volunteers we nowhave surveying the Quiet Lakes for invasive species will fulfill that requirement. The sign off Larson Road will be replaced with a new one at a cost of $100. A Quiet Lakes Blog is being created to share information and stories from lake residents. Anyone with a story they would like to share please email or send a letter to the Quiet Lakes Association. George Brandt notified Bob Dale that the speed limit sign at Empire Landing was down. Without the sign Spider Lake Township cannot enforce the speed limit so if anyone sees an absence of a sign please notify Rex, John Gouze, or Bob.

FISHERIES (Gouze): John reported that the 2010 DNR testing on Lost Land and Teal Lake found that the largemouth bass are increasing and walleye decreasing. The trend extends all across northern Wisconsin as well as Minnesota. There is not one answer as to why, but one possibility is that we’ve gone through 5 years of drought. With less water flowing into the lake there are less nutrients, particulate matter, clearer and warmer water which all favor bass populations. Dave Neuswanger said the DNR is not likely to plant walleye until bass fishing regulations are changed. He did suggest that we could work with private hatcheries to plant extended growth walleye. Currently we have $1,360 in our walleye fund. That is about 10% of our goal.

PROPERTIES (Gouze): John cleaned the picnic areas on 2 islands. John is asking that people really be diligent about extinguishing hot coals as he found one grill still had live ashes in it.

PROGRAM/SOCIAL (Hanson): John is encouraging everyone to come to Reel Livin’ for the August 21st picnic starting at 11am. Volunteers are needed to help raise and lower the tent. Thank you Jim Imse and the Callaways for giving golfing donations for the raffle. Chris Cold will not be able to give a presentation at the picnic this year. Picnic menu will be the same as last year. Those with a last name beginning with A-L please bring salads, M-Z desserts. There will be a Wheel of Fortune game for kids, as well as a bean bag toss. First place raffle prize is a sea plane flight. Second prize is a pair of $800 stereo speakers. The next QLA meeting will be held Saturday, September 24th at 9am. Dave Neuswanger from the DNR Hayward office will give a presentation on the bass/walleye situation.

LOON WATCH (Little): Gayle gave a wonderful presentation on Loons earlier.

OLD BUSINESS: Nothing to report.

NEW BUSINESS: Gayle Little was re-elected as Membership Director. Shari Peterson was elected as Secretary. Bob Dale was re-elected as President. A communications tower has been granted a Conditional Use Permit providing CheqTel satisfies 15 conditions to the Spider Lake Township Board. The tower would be located 214 feet on the south side of Hwy. 77, directly across from Ross’s Teal Lake Lodge driveway. The proposed tower may be as high as 320 feet. Teal and Lost Land Lake will have visibility of the tower during the day and night due to the aviation light requirements. QLA has not addressed the Spider Lake Township on this issue. If you have any concerns about the proposed cell tower please contact the Town of Spider Lake. There are also private lake residents that can be contacted for more information. We are sorry to say that Dick Divilbiss has passed away. Audrey Divilbiss was present and wanted all to know that the family is having a memorial at the Town Hall on Sunday, August 14th. The time had not been determined yet.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Meeting adjourned at 11:42 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Shari Peterson, Secretary