Minutes for Saturday, July 21st 2012 – General Summer Meeting


TIME & PLACE: The 148th meeting at the Teal, Lost Land and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association was held Saturday, July 21, 2012 at Spider Lake Town Hall. The meeting was called to order by President Bob Dale at 9:03 a.m.

ROLL CALL: Board members Bob Dale (President), Gayle Little (Membership & Newsletter), Shari Peterson (Secretary), Rex Clevenger (Environmental), John Gouze (Fisheries and Properties) were present.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Norm and Linda Bratteig, Chris and Kay Callaway, Barb Clevenger, Tom and Christie Jablonski, Ken and Gladys Kessler, Mike Kirkhoff, Dennis and Connie Leopold, Margaret Lew, Case and Jo Mazik, Tom and Bonnie McLeod, George and Connie Miller, Don and Rhoda Nelson, Connie and Dan Perritt, Jeff Peterson, John Trombello. Guests: Doug and Susan Elsass, Wayne Wegner.

PRESENTATION: Our speakers today are Connie Cummins, District Ranger for the Great Divide and Washburn Districts – US Forest Service, and Jim Hong Assistant to District Ranger for the Great Divide and Washburn Districts – US Forest Service. They gave a thorough presentation of the responsibilities of the Forest Service. The everyday work of the Forest Service balances resource extraction, resource protection, and providing recreation. Thank you Connie and Jim for the presentation and Q&A.

BREAK: After a short break the meeting resumed. Thanks to Sue Dale, Barb Clevenger, and Shari Peterson for bringing treats.

ELECTIONS: The newly elected Directors are Rex Clevenger -Treasurer, Norm Bratteig – Environmental, and John Gouze will begin his second term as Fisheries and Properties Director. The Vice President position is vacant.

SECRETARY (Peterson): Approval of the May 19th General Meeting Minutes passed. There was no new correspondence.

TREASURER (Johnson): Gayle Little gave the treasurer’s report in Orlin’s absence. As of July 17 in our checking account we had $15,860. $7,300 is grant money to be used for boat ramp monitors. Expenses are about the same as last year so our account balance is about the same as other years. Orlin will transition his duties to Rex Clevenger who is a CPA and has a financial background.

MEMBERSHIP (Little): Gayle reported that our membership number is up to 163. Of those we have 11 people that haven’t paid 2011 dues. A question was asked about the requirements for QL membership. The requirements for becoming a member, besides paying dues, include being within a certain radius of the Teal, Lost Land, and Ghost Lakes. Campers can also become members under certain circumstances. A comment was then made from a member that it was her understanding that Ole Lake was at one time within the radius and considered a Quiet Lake. Gayle said she was not aware of that but the QLA will look into past records and documentation to find out. To streamline the membership and treasurer records the dues are now sent to Gayle first and then passed on to the Treasurer. That way Gayle is sure she gets all the updates and changes in email or phone numbers.

ENVIRONMENT (Clevenger): Rex reported that the TSL is providing the payroll functions for the boat landing monitors. We have 3 monitors that the TSL hires, and pays them through their payroll process and we reimburse TSL with the grant money. One piece of milfoil the size of a dime that comes in on a boat or trailer can become an acre in our lake within one season. Once you get Eurasian water milfoil it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to control it (and as of now it can’t be eradicated). We are taking preventive steps to stop it from ever getting in our lakes. The highest probability that it would get into our lakes is through the launching of boats with milfoil attached to them. Monitoring boats at the boat ramps will be most effective at preventing the spread of Eurasian milfoil in our lakes. Zebra mussels are also a concern that can quickly spread from lake to lake. Part of the grant money was allocated to update our aquatic plant study. Any areas of Teal and Lost Land Lake that were above 12 feet of depth were tested. On Ghost Lake, areas above 6 feet of depth were tested. Below 12 feet on Teal and Lost Land Lake, and 6 feet on Ghost Lake there is no plant life. The conclusion is that we are free of invasive species in the Quiet Lakes at this time. Our grant covers the cost of 3 boat ramp monitors. Originally we were going to monitor Landing Camp, Larson Road, Ghost Lake ramp, and Teal River Dam. Kelly McCracken, and AJ and Nick Anderson are the monitors. Some of the ramps are not getting much traffic so we will be moving the monitors around and covering a few private ramps at some of the lodges.

BLOG (Clevenger): Bob encourages residents to send in pictures and stories to share. An idea that has been talked about is to have a photo contest. People could submit photos to the blog so members could view and vote on their favorites. Any feedback on this is welcome. If you have a story about our lakes or the surrounding area, please send it to quiet_lakes@yahoo.com so we can get it into the blog. The blog address is: http://quietlakeswisconsin.blogspot.com. To get automatic e-mail alerts of new posts, just enter your e-mail address in the FOLLOW THE BLOG VIA EMAIL area on the right hand column.

FISHERIES (Gouze): John reported that Dave Neuswanger from the DNR released around 2,500 extended growth walleye in Lost Land Lake and close to 5,000 in Teal last fall. There is no record of ever planting walleye in Teal Lake before 2011. The cost of extended growth walleye is approximately $1.50 to $2.00 each. We thank the DNR for the contribution. We have approximately $2,500 in our walleye fund. That is about 20 percent of the money we need to make a very similar extended growth walleye release. Norm Bratteig, owner of Red Deer Resort has volunteered to display a QL walleye fund jar at the bar. There is a large mouth bass/walleye study being conducted on Teal Lake by Dr. Dan Eiserman, University of WI, Stevens Point. This study will continue through the summer, so you may see the study boat slowly following the shoreline at night. We should have access to the study when it is complete. Max Wolter, the new DNR Area Fisheries Biologist will be speaking at the fall meeting, September 22 at Boulder Lodge on Ghost Lake.

PROPERTIES (Gouze): John thanked a few people that helped out this year. A special thanks to Bob Dale for putting the buoys out this spring and for putting a temperature recording device on his dock while John was recuperating from back surgery. Bob also checked all the picnic areas. Jack Wellauer has done a great job monitoring the dam as well as testing the water quality in our lakes.

PROGRAM/SOCIAL (vacant): Bob Dale reported that the next Quiet Lakes General Meeting will be September 22 at Boulder Lodge on Ghost Lake. The picnic will be held August 19 at Reel Livin’ Resort on Lost Land Lake.

LOON WATCH (Gayle): Gayle is pleased to report that 2 loon chicks survived on Teal and also 2 on Lost Land Lake. In a peak year we had 3 pair of loons on Teal that produced 5 chicks, and Lost Land had 2 chicks. Gayle and her husband spotted 14 loons together. If loons are not raising young they have been seen fishing in groups.

OLD BUSINESS (Dale): Bob Dale reported that the board is still evaluating the bylaws. Buoys may need to be replaced.

NEW BUSINESS (Dale): Chris Callaway mentioned that the Sawyer County Record reported that the Sawyer County Sheriffs Department Recreational Officer had given a couple citations on the Quiet Lakes. One was for trolling in the thoroughfare, and the other was given to a local fishing guide for speeding in the thoroughfare.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Meeting adjourned at 11:16 a.m.