Minutes for Saturday, July 19th 2014 – General Summer Meeting


TIME & PLACE: The 154th meeting of the Teal, Lost Land and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association was held Saturday, July 19, 2014 at Town of Spider Lake Town Hall. The meeting was called to order by President Bob Dale at 9:05 am.

ROLL CALL: Board members Bob Dale (President), Norm Bratteig (Vice President) and John Gouze (Director-at-Large) were present.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Chris Callaway, Bruce Shackleton, Donna and Jim Nickel, Dennis and Connie Leopold, Ken and Gladys Kessler, George Miller, Mike Kirkhoff, Tom Jablonski, Mary and Alan Becker, Rich and Anita Wilson, Prudence Ross, Terry Frick, Michael Madalon, Sue Dale, Barb Owen, Margaret Lew, John Trombello were present. Guest: William Stickel.

PRESENTATION: Our speaker today is Wisconsin DNR Fisheries Biologist Max Wolter presenting a “Fisheries Update.” Max is regularly monitoring and researching the Quiet Lakes fish populations. Just this year the Quiet Lakes received over 14,000 walleye fingerlings through the Wisconsin DNR’s walleye stocking initiative. According to the samples Max gathered from the Quiet Lakes this spring we have an unbalanced walleye population. The reason is not because of tribal or angler harvest, or disease. The reason is that there’s not a new year-class of walleye (a generation of walleye born the same year) in our lakes. This is not just happening in the Quiet Lakes; this is a Northern Wisconsin problem. Early on, bass were thought to be eating all the young walleye. That may be a contributing factor but climate seems to be a bigger issue. We have been stocking walleye fingerlings but would prefer that walleye naturally reproduce. Pike are reproducing very well. Small mouth bass are also doing well. They don’t pose a threat to the fish community, but large mouth bass can. Large mouth numbers are abundant but it is not out of control. With some changes in regulation and anglers harvesting more we could get to the point where we have the numbers where we want them. Blue gill are more numerous due to the reduction in walleye. Pike, musky, and bass don’t usually prey on small bluegill like walleye do. Crappie are responding similar to bluegill. Lost Land doesn’t have a lot of perch but they are larger. Teal Lake is the opposite, with many perch but they are generally smaller. Perch are big drivers in the food chain because everything eats perch, walleye, pike, musky. Tree fall in lakes are a great habitat for perch.
Lost Land supports a greater number of musky. Researchers don’t want to kill musky to find out the age because it is such a high value fish. Instead they use pit tags that are implanted into the fish, and all the information can be accessed with a scanner. The tag also gives researchers information on how fast they grow and how far they have traveled. Fishing guides are also being trained to use the musky scanner. It’s kind of exciting to catch a fish and be able to learn about some of its life history. There is approximately 1 musky for every 2 acres on Teal/Lost Land Lake; that is a good dense population. Populations in a lot of lakes are only 1 musky for every 4 acres. He didn’t see a lot of musky over 45 inches. Similar to salmon, musky go back to the same place to spawn every year. In 2015 Teal and Lost Land Lake musky will be used for brood stock in fish hatcheries. Some musky will be taken but genetically identical stock will be returned to our lakes. Teal and Lost Land Lake musky are generally genetically pure; they have been fairly insulated from cross stocking.


Teal, Lost Land, and Ghost Lakes all made the list for future walleye stocking by the WDNR every other year. Stocking rates will be 10/acre in Ghost Lake, 5/acre in Lost Land Lake, and 10/acre on Teal Lake. Water depth and color, rocky habitat, predator community are all taken into account when deciding stocking rates. The stock will all be extended growth walleye measuring around 5 to 7 inches. That gets them around a lot of the early predation. There are some proposed regulation changes for Teal and Lost Land Lake. Walleye would have a 15 minimum inch length limit, which is the state wide regulation. The minimum length limit for large mouth bass will be removed, with no changes for small mouth bass. Pan fish currently has a 25 daily bag limit. Instead of grouping all pan fish – typically bluegill, perch, and crappie – together the proposed limit would be 10 daily bag limit of each type of fish. Most anglers know the life cycle and habits of each pan fish; therefore a specific species can be targeted. The 10 bag limit would reduce the impact of, for example, fishing on a bluegill nest bed. This type of regulation has been successful in a lot of other lakes.
Max encourages everyone to get involved with the proposed regulation process. Max would like to hear from the QLA whether it is in opposition or approval of any of the proposed regulation changes; he wants to know our opinions. Also, Max encourages anyone who wants to be involved in helping him during the all-night fishing surveys. Some of these proposed changes could take effect as early as 2015. If anyone is interested in a tree drop (when a tree is dropped into the lake off your shoreline) contact the QLA. Our lake association can apply for a permit that would allow all those interested to be listed on the permit giving them permission to drop a tree off their shoreline. Tree drops provide great habitat for many fish as well as aquatic bugs and contribute to the health of the lake. Max volunteered to help in planning and overseeing the tree drop process.

Thanks to the Dales for bringing treats to share.

LEGISLATIVE (Dale): The QLA members voted and elected the following board members
under the newly approved Bylaws:
President – Bob Dale
Vice President – Norm Bratteig
Secretary – Shari Peterson
Treasurer – Gayle Little
Director at Large – John Gouze
John Gouze is presently filling the role as Director-at-Large but will be resigning at the end of the year. We will need a new Director-at-Large next year. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are interested in becoming a board member. There have been some changes to our bylaws. In the past we have had 3 board meetings and 3 general membership meetings annually. We have moved that back to 1 board meeting and 1 general membership meeting to be held in July. The reason for the changes is to reduce the amount of time and effort required by the board members. We hope to continue to be active in bringing our members information pertaining to our lakes as well as being a place where residents can express their concerns.

SECRETARY (Dale for Peterson): Minutes from the 2014 Spring Meeting were approved. Bob informed the members that an anonymous letter had been sent to the QLA. The concern was that the QLA should not be destroying or altering beaver dams in an attempt to control water levels. Bob assured the members that the QLA does not alter in any way beaver dams. The only dam the QLA is concerned about is the Teal River dam because we are required by law to keep it clear of debris.

TREASURER (Dale for Little): Bob reported that we have roughly $7,400 in our checking account, and $3,800 in our savings account which is our walleye fund. Currently the DNR walleye initiative has been generously stocking walleye in the QLA, so there isn’t a need for the association to stock walleye also. Therefore, we will continue to keep the walleye fund separate and hold that money until the initiative has been discontinued to the Quiet Lakes.

MEMBERSHIP (Dale for Little): Bob reported that we currently have around 143 members. Around 50 have not paid dues for this year.

ENVIRONMENT (Bratteig): Norm reported that Nick Anderson has been monitoring boats at the Landing Camp Road boat launch. He is the only boat monitor this year. This is the last year we will have a monitor because this is the last year of the grant. Kristy Maki found Eurasian Water Milfoil this spring in Lost Land Lake. The milfoil was not found in any areas deeper than 5 feet. This plant prefers 3 to 5 foot depth range. There is too much to pull but not enough to chemically treat. Bob reported that the primary concentration is in front of Wilson Creek. However, we have a very vigorous native plant already established, and our lakes tend to have a darker color that the EWM does not prefer. That should somewhat limit the ability of the EWM to spread. Jack Wellhauer continues to do lake water testing.

FISHERIES/PROPERTIES (Gouze): John reported that he has been a board member for 4 years but will be resigning at the end of the year. He wanted to let everyone know that it has been a fun experience and he will continue to work on maintaining the buoys next year. This year a couple of ice spar buoys were lost, but new ones have been ordered. New chains have been attached to all the buoys which should be good for a couple years. There will be new regulations on the Quiet Lakes pertaining to trolling. We have a healthy population of musky and its unlikely the new trolling regulations would have an impact on them.

PROGRAM/SOCIAL (Bratteig): Norm reported that this year’s picnic will be August 23rd at Red Deer Resort on Lost Land Lake beginning at noon. Norm will have available a variety of beer and brats. To help cover the cost for beer and brats there will be a basket for donations. With the usual pot luck arrangement there will be plenty of food. Margaret Lew volunteered to help with the picnic details.

BLOG: The address is: http://quietlakeswisconsin.blogspot.com.

LOON WATCH (Dale for Little): Bob reported that there is a baby loon on Teal Lake and 2 on Lost Land Lake.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Meeting adjourned at 11:35 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Shari Peterson, Secretary