Minutes for May 27, 2010

Minutes for May 27, 2010 Quiet Lakes Association Meeting

Time and Place: The 141st meeting of the Teal, Lost Land and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association was held at the Spider Lake Town Hall. The meeting was called to order by President Bob Dale at 7:05 pm. Bob introduced new members Rex & Barbara Clevenger. Thanks to Callaways, Hansons, Koshaks & Wiklunds for providing snacks.

Roll Call: Board members Bob Dale (President), John Hanson (Vice-President), Orlin Johnson (Treasurer), Gayle Little (Membership, Newsletter), and Larry Koshak (Environment) were present; board members Ginny Wiklund (Secretary) and Chris Callaway (Properties/Fisheries) were absent. Counting board members, 43 were present for the program of which 3 were guests (27 stayed for the business meeting). Those present were: Carol Alcoe (guest), Rex & Barbara Clevenger, Bob & Sue Dale, Audrey & Dick Divilbiss, Pat & Jim Dooley, Dorothy & Joe Gallina, Roger & Penny Hage, John Hanson, Jim Imse, Orlin Johnson, Mike & Joni Kirkhoff, Dan Kolner, Jan & Larry Koshak, Ron & Lynn Kunz, Gayle Little, Chris & Cindi McGrath, Don & Rhoda Nelson, Jim & Donna Nickel, Allan & Barb Niemi, Maurice O’Connor, Dan Perritt, Shari & Jeff Peterson, Cordelia Weber, Peggy Wheeler, Mary Witt, Sharon & Preston Woods, Tom & Lisa Woods (guests).

Special Presentation (Brian Hucker, Town of Spider Lake (TSL) Chairperson): Brian reported on the new Sawyer County Recreational Officer, who will have the authority to enforce state, county and town regulations on all the lakes in Sawyer County. In a 2006 statewide survey done by Wisconsin Association of Lakes, it was reported that at least 520 lakes around the state have ordinances limiting high speed boating, waterskiing, and/or swimming in some manner and that such ordinances are enforceable. The TSL Board has determined that if citations are issued they will be prosecuted. To report any concerns call the County Sheriff.

PROGRAM: Mary Witt introduced the video presentation “Bearwalker of the North Woods” produced by the North American Bear Center in Ely MN (anyone interested in learning more can visit their website at www.bear.org). The video documented the work of bear biologist Dr. Lynn Rogers, who has spent 44 years researching black bears. Go to www.bear/org-website-visit-us-lily-den-cam.html and scroll down to daily reports and video links to follow the most recent exploits of mother/daughter black bears Lily & Hope.

Secretary’s Report (Little for Wiklund): It was moved/seconded to approve the September 24, 2009 meeting minutes. No correspondence.

Treasurer (Johnson): Orlin reported a balance in the checking account of $5000. He explained that the Association expenses each year generally run $2500-3000, which generally equals the amount of yearly dues taken in while maintaining roughly one year’s surplus in our treasury. Orlin also reported that for the first time the 2009 picnic made money thanks to the hard work of our Vice-President, John Hanson.

Membership (Little): Gayle reported 160 current members (last year at this time we had 177); 64 have paid 2010 dues, including 6 new members. Currently there are 102 members on e-mail and 58 members on snail mail. There are 16 lifetime members (members with at least 30 consecutive years of active membership); lifetime members do not have to pay dues to remain active. There are approximately 170 property owners around our 3 lakes who are not currently members. Gayle asked everyone to be sure to invite neighbors to join our organization; she had 2010 membership invitation forms available for members to give to interested parties.

Environment (Koshak): Larry discussed the current environmental goals of our Association: Water Quality Testing. For many years a few of our members have participated in the Citizens Lake Monitoring Network, collecting data in June, July and August which measures water clarity, dissolved oxygen, water temperature, and nutrient levels in our lakes; this data is reported to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) and posted to their database. Larry would like to have at least two new volunteers from each lake trained for this program. AIS Lake Monitoring. Volunteers are also needed to form teams that will monitor our lakes for aquatic invasive species (AIS), both plant and animal. In 2006 our Association funded an aquatic plant survey; at that time no invasive species were found, but we need to remain vigilant. These teams would periodically inspect designated areas of the lake looking for any signs of AIS. Bob reported that the invasive Curly Pond Weed has been discovered in Spider Lake; it will likely cost $16,000 – $18,000 to clean up. Apparently it had been there a couple of years, but no one recognized it as a threat or reported it. The sooner an invasive is identified, the easier (and less costly) it is to eradicate. Larry will check with Kristi Maki to set a date for training later in the summer. Even now, if anyone sees anything that seems suspicious, just collect it in a baggie and contact Larry (462-9032) or turn it in to the WDNR. Clean Boats Clean Waters. Larry would like to initiate this program on our lakes to monitor all public boat landings (and possibly resort landings), primarily on weekends of high volume traffic. Volunteers would inspect boats/trailers for AIS to prevent their introduction into our lakes; training is also available for this. Anyone interested in any of these programs can contact Larry (462-9032) or secretary Ginny Wiklund (462-9138) or email the Association at quiet_lakes@yahoo.com.

Properties (Dale for Callaway): Water Levels. Bob reported that our water level was 2.9” above authorized level in April and is currently 2.2”. Our Association is responsible to monitor and maintain the Teal River Dam until 2035. Volunteers are needed for this. Speed Limit Buoys. The “10 mph speed limit” buoys have been conditionally approved by the WDNR and have been ordered. They will be located at both ends of the Thoroughfare. Island Maintance Cleanup. Ashes have been removed; the Resort Association also helps with island cleanup. On McNott and Raspberry Islands new wind screens and two new small grates for the fire pits have been installed.

Fisheries (Dale for Callaway): The walleye assessment done by GLIFWC (Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission) and WDNR in the fall of 2009 was 0 young-of-the-year on both Lost Land and Teal Lake. GLIFWC did an adult walleye survey on Teal prior to spearing which showed 3.2 adult walleye per acre; this just barely qualifies it as a naturally reproducing lake. Spearing reported on Lost Land Lake was 159 walleye/5 muskies and on Teal Lake was 240 walleye/1 musky. Both GLIFWC and WDNR believe that spearing is not the reason for the decrease in walleye population, but rather, among other reasons, the large populations of largemouth bass. WDNR did a spring survey on Lost Land and Teal Lake for two days, revealing 1-3 largemouth bass in the nets; normally there should be none in early spring. Also, an electro-fishing survey two weeks ago showed numbers of largemouth bass over 8” were 40/mile of shore-line on Teal and 50/mile on Lost Land. These numbers are four times that required to adversely impact walleye recruitment and double the number which prevents walleyes from reproducing naturally without stocking. The WDNR plans to stock 1½” walleye fingerlings in Teal Lake in both 2010 and 2011; however, most of these will probably fall victim to bass predation. The cost of stocking 6-8” fingerlings, which would have a better chance of survival, would run at least $1.50/fingerling with a recommended rate of 5 walleyes/acre. A member suggested our Association sponsor a bass “kill ‘n’ grill” contest; Orlin suggested we contact the Resort Association, who might consider co-sponsoring such an event.

Social (Hanson): Picnic. John Hanson reported that the 2009 picnic was a success. This year the picnic is scheduled for Sunday, August 15 at Reel Livin’. It was decided to move the time up one hour, which will give members time to enjoy the picnic and still be able to leave early enough in the day to get back home. It will start at 11:00 am, with food served at noon. There will be a “Kids Wheel of Fortune” again, so bring your kids and grandkids. There will also be even more raffle items than last year. 2010 Member Meetings. The summer meeting is scheduled for Saturday, July 17, at 9:00 am at TSL Town Hall; speaker will be Chris Cold on Wildlife in Forests and Wetlands. The fall meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 23, at 7:00 pm at TSL Town Hall with Louise Heim from the Couderay Waters Land Trust discussing conservation easements.

Loon Watch (Little): On Teal it appears a pair may have a nest up Lynch Creek, where they had a successful hatch last year. Chicks should be appearing soon if nesting is successful. There was a report that the eagles are not nesting this year, but that the ospreys are using both nesting platforms (one on the Thoroughfare and one on Lynch Creek). Mary Witt volunteered to check with the WDNR to get an update on the eagles and ospreys.


NEW BUSINESS: Up for election this year and eligible to serve are Treasurer Orlin Johnson, Vice-President John Hanson, and Environment Director Larry Koshak, who have all agreed to serve again. Properties/Fisheries Director Chris Callaway is not eligible to serve again in this position. Bob Dale is seeking volunteers to fill this position. A slate of candidates will be prepared and sent to members prior to the July meeting, when elections will be held.

COMMENTS FROM MEMBERS: Jim Imse attended a National Forest Service in-the-field seminar on a proposed logging project in the Clam Lake area last winter; it was an informative presentation on forest management. They are willing to do another this summer if there is enough interest. Contact Jim at 462-9984 if you are interested.

Meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Gayle Little for Ginny Wiklund