Minutes for May 21, 2011

Minutes for May 21, 2011

Minutes for May 21, 2011 Quiet Lakes Association Meeting

Time and Place: The 144nd meeting of The Teal, Lost Land and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association was held at the Spider Lake Town Hall. The meeting was called to order by President Bob Dale at 10:30 am.

Roll Call: Board members Bob Dale, (President), John Hanson, (Vice-President), Gayle Little, (Membership & Newsletter), Ginny Wiklund, (Secretary), Rex Clevenger, (Environment), John Gouze, (Properties/Fisheries), and Orlin Johnson, (Treasurer) were present. Members present were Dan & Jane Brandenstein, Chris & Kay Callaway, Barbara Clevenger, Sue Dale, Jim Dooley, Joe and Dorothy Gallina, Jim Imse, Tom & Christie Jablonski, Mike & Shari Johnson, Howard & Bryce Kilby, Sue Leighton, Chris McGrath, George & Connie Miller, Don & Rhoda Nelson, Donna Nickel, Allan & Barb Niemi, Jeff & Shari Peterson, Bill Thornbury, David VerVelde, John & Iva Vieweger.

Visitors: Bill Stremil

Program: Vice President John Hanson introduced Chris Cold, WDNR. Chris gave a very interesting and informative program on “Critter’s and their Extinction”. Thank you Chris for an entertaining program.

Secretary (Wiklund): Minutes from the Fall 2010 meeting were approved and Ginny Wiklund reported no new correspondence.

Treasure (Johnson): Orlin Johnson reported a balance of $6,376.49 as of May 2011. 23 member’s who had not paid their dues in 2010, sent in their back payments. Orlin reported that as of May 2011, $780.00 was received for Walleye restocking funs. The Walleye restocking contributions will be kept separate from the general fund. Orlin expects revenue to continue at approximately $3,000 per year. Expenses should stay the same with a few major expenses such as buoy replacement, buoy repair and printing costs.

Membership (Little): Gayle Little reported that approximately 2/3 of current members are receiving the newsletter by e-mail. This is a savings on printing and postage costs. Current membership is 162 members which is approximately about ½ of residents that live on the lakes. Approximately 12 members have not paid their membership for 2010 and Gayle will contact them. There are 19 life-time members (members who have paid their dues for 30 consecutive years). There are 3 new life-time members this year: Norm & Linda Bratteig, Donald and Edna Fels and David and Elizabeth Hardy.

Environment (Clevenger): Rex Clevenger gave a presentation on water levels, aquatic invasive species/volunteer program.

Water levels: The water levels are tested at the bridge on highway 77 on the Teal River. The levels for the past few years are staying very consistent. Invasive species: We do not think that there is an aquatic invasive species problem at this time. Testing is being done by volunteers. There were a couple of suspicious plants found in 2010. Kristi Maki from Sawyer County came out and reported that they were not the invasive plants. Rex reported that the most common problem for invasive species getting in our lakes is during boat launching. The Association would like to focus on this problem. Curly-leaf Pondweed, Purple Loosestrife and Eurasian WaterMilfoil are the most concerning. They form very dense mats of vegetation that make it difficult for swimming and fishing. There are 4 public boat landings on the Quiet Lakes, 9 resorts and numerous private entrance points. The Association will keep working to keep everyone educated on this issue. Some of the lakes in Sawyer County already have an invasive species problem. Teal Lake does have Chinese Mystery Snail and Rex will get more information concerning this. Round Lake is spending approximately $40,000 a year to eradicate their Eurasian Water-Milfoil problem. Boat Ramp monitoring by volunteers is the first defense against invasive species. The Association is trying to get a WDNR grant for Boat Ramp Monitoring. The grant is basically money that will pay for volunteers to monitor boats at boat ramps. The Association applied for a WDNR 3 year grant for $56,000 to monitor the 4 public boat landing sites. It was denied but the Association intends to apply again in August 2011. Rex will check with the Town of Spider Lake to find out if they will do the hiring of the volunteers. Some of the signs at the public boat landings need to be improved. Gayle Little will get additional “Loon Alert” signs for boat landings. The volunteer testing program for invasive species started in 2010 and will continue. New testing booklets have been made for the volunteers. Approximately 12 volunteers are needed and a sign-up sheet was available at the meeting. Rex Clevenger and Bob Dale attended The Sawyer County Lakes Forum and brought hats that were made available for purchase by anyone who was interested along with aerial pictures of Teal Lake. The newsletter from The Sawyer County Lakes Forum was available also.

Fisheries/Properties (Gouze): John Gouze reported that the picnic areas on the islands are in good shape. Navigation and speed limit buoys are in. John reported that the WDNR did a fish survey in the spring and fall of 2010. The survey reported that the largemouth bass are doing better at the expense of the walleye. The WDNR is considering changing the regulations for bass fishing. Teal and Lost Land are now on a 4 year rotation and the next fish survey will be done in 2014. John reported the WDNR will not be doing any walleye stocking and the WDNR recommends that any private stocking be done with extended growth walleyes in the fall. The Association has started a Walleye Stocking Fund . Currently there is approximately $1,000 in the fund and the goal for this fund is $15,000. The WDNR recommends 5 walleye per acre. John is going to check with them to find out exactly what they think is reasonable and what amounts will succeed. Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin will match funds for stocking up to $2,000. The current cost for one extended growth walleye is currently $1.55. John thanked the members who did donate to the Walleye Fund: JoAnn Greb, Jack and Ann Wellauer, Michael and Susan Mosling, Gene and Marsha Drumm and David VerVelde. The Association appreciates their generous donations. The Association has a “money jar” for future donations and it will be available at the July 2011 meeting.

Social (Hanson): John Hanson reported that the program for the Summer, July 23, 2011 meeting at 9:00 am at the Spider Lake Town Hall will given by Gayle Little on “Loons”. Volunteers for snacks for the July meeting are Callaway’s, Jablonski’s and Perritt’s.
The annual picnic will be Sunday, August 21, 2011 at Reel Livin Resort beginning at 11:00 am with lunch being served at noon. John thanked the Niems and the Callaways for their donations for the raffle items for last year’s picnic. John reminded everyone that every child that attends the picnic, will receive a toy from the “Wheel of Fortune”. The Fall meeting will be Saturday, September 24, 2011 at 9:00 am at the Spider Lake Town Hall and the speaker will be Dave Neuswanger, WDNR. His will be talking about the walleye/bass relationship. Thanks to the Dale’s, Hanson’s and Clevenger’s for treats for this meeting. John reported that the board was considering a Quiet Lakes “face page”. The board will discuss this at a future board meeting.

Loon Watch (Little): Gayle Little reported that the loon situation is promising. The oil spill has not been affecting “our “ loons. On Teal Lake, the Lynch creek loons are back and appear to be nesting. Ice out was April 15, 2011 and loons were spotted on April 15, 2011. There is also a nest on Loon Island on Teal and several pair have been seen on Lost Land with one nest spotted. Connie Miller reported on a “loon nesting platform” that can be made. Gayle will check for information concerning the platforms. Gayle attended the WAL’s convention in Green Bay, and reported that budget stress is a concerning problem. Gayle reported when she shared what our organization is doing, our lakes, what our ordinances are for building, and how natural our shoreline is, the other organization’s felt that we were very lucky and unique due to our efforts to preserve our environment.

Old Business: Bob Dale reported that the Sheriff’s Department is on the lakes to make people aware of the speed limit.

New Business: Bob Dale reported that there will be a vacancy for the secretary’s position. If anyone is interested, please contact Bob Dale. Snowmobile trail #21 is staying approximately where it was originally.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50 am

Respectfully submitted,
Ginny Wiklund, Secretary