Minutes for July 17, 2010

Minutes for July 17, 2010 Quiet Lakes Association Meeting

Time and Place: The 142nd meeting of The Teal, Lost Land and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association was held at the Spider Lake Town Hall. The meeting was called to order by President Bob Dale at 10:35 am. Thanks to the Niemi’s for snacks.

Roll Call: Board members Bob Dale (President), John Hanson (Vice-President), Gayle Little (Membership & Newsletter), Ginny Wiklund (Secretary), Larry Koshak (Environment), and Chris Callaway (Properties/Fisheries) were present. Orlin Johnson (Treasurer) was absent. Members present: Mike and Peg Wheeler, Doug and Nan King, Connie and Dan Perritt, Kay Callaway, Allan and Barb Niemi, Sue Dale, Gene and Chris Aichele, John and Margaret Gouze, Mary and John Witt, Rick and Anita Wilson, Bruce Shackleton, Jim Johnson, Connie and George Miller, Steve King, Jack Wellauer, Margaret Lew, Rex and Barb Clevenger, Jim and Pat Dooley, and Rhoda Nelson.

Program: President Bob Dale introduced Chris Cold, WDNR. Chris gave a very interesting and informative program on Wildlife in the Northwoods and Marshes.

Secretary (Wiklund): Ginny Wiklund reported no new correspondence.

Treasure (Johnson): Orlin Johnson was absent, but Bob Dale gave the report. The current balance is $4,767.00. The biggest expense so far this year has been the purchase of 4 buoys which have been placed at both ends of the thoroughfare.

Membership (Little): Gayle Little reported that there are 110 members who have paid their dues and 51 members still owe their dues. Total membership is 161 with 16 life-time members. We have had 3 new members since the last newsletter and 1 new member since the last meeting.

Environment (Koshak): Larry Koshak reported that 12 members were present on July 16, 2010 for a special training session for Invasive Species presented by Kristi Maki, County Coordinator. Help is still needed for Teal Lake and Lost Land Lake and if you are interested in volunteering, please contact Larry Koshak or any board member. It is very important that this program succeed. Teal and Lost Land are currently invasive species free. The cost to remove any invasive species is very expensive. The Association needs to consider having boat landing patrol for invasive species.  Volunteers will be needed to monitor boat landings to make sure all boats are inspected and clean of any weeds. The board will discuss this issue at their fall board meeting. Lake water testing is currently being done on Teal Lake by Jack Wellauer and on Lost Land Lake by Paul Wiklund. Allan Niemi volunteered to help on Teal Lake. Larry reported the secchi readings were approximately 11’ on both Lost Land and Teal. New shoreline regulation: no wake within 100’ of a shoreline. The water level was measured from the “bench mark” on the Hwy 77 Bridge. The normal pool level for Teal and Lost Land is 1,386’. The readings have been at a maximum of 3” above normal pool level. Jack Wellauer reported that he has rolled up rocks, which had fallen during the spring thaw, back to their normal position. This should help drainage from going down too fast. The Association is responsible for the dam until 2035.

Properties (Callaway): The speed limit buoys were installed the first week of July and were placed at an exact GPS location. The islands are in good shape and small grills have been added.

Fisheries (Callaway): The next DNR survey will be done in late September or early October. The DNR has agreed to stock a few hundred extended growth walleyes (6-8”). The cost is $1.50 to $2.00 for each extended growth fish. As an Association, the board has agreed that extended growth walleyes need to be stocked in both Teal and Lost Land Lakes. The DNR recommends 5 extended growth walleyes per acre. The cost for Teal is approximately $7,868 and for Lost Land $9,780. Chris has been in contact with Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin. They can match Lake Association money with
a grant for up to $2,000. The board is considering: 1) ways to generate money for stocking and 2) asking the WDNR to change size limits and seasonal restrictions on large-mouth bass. The DNR did a survey this spring and found 40 largemouth bass per mile of shoreland on Teal. On Lost Land 50 large-mouth bass were found per mile of shoreland. This amount is 4 to 5 times the number of large-mouth bass above where it would begin becoming a predator problem.

Social (Hanson): John Hanson announced that the picnic is scheduled for August 15, 2010. It will start at 11:00 am and food will be served beginning at noon. Chuck Aubart is doing the food again this year (pork and chicken) and Leinie’s will be on tap. Members with the last name beginning with A-L please bring a salad and members with the last name beginning with M-Z please bring a dessert. Raffle items are wonderful again for this year and remember that kids are welcome. There will be kid games and prizes. John reported that he has volunteers (Allan Niemi, Jack Wellauer and Rex Clevenger) to help set up tables and tents. The Fall Meeting is September 23, 2010 at 7:00 pm at the Spider Lake Town Hall. Lois Heim, Couderay Waters Regional Land Trust, will be the speaker. Barb Niemi volunteered to bring treats for the September meeting.

Loon Watch (Little): Gayle Little contacted Dan Dernbach, loon ranger on Lost Land, and he reported no baby loons there; however, several residents have reported a pair with one baby on Lost Land. Teal Lake has 3 pair of loons, one with two chicks, one with two chicks and one with one chick. There is great concern for loons migrating to the Gulf Coast because of the oil spill. The end of May there was a report of a dead eagle under the new nesting site on McNott Island. The DNR did aerial checks this spring and the nest on the west side of Lost Land had an eagle incubating. There was no eagle incubating on the big island of Teal and at a nest about a mile south of Ghost Lake there was one incubating. The Lynch Creek and thoroughfare osprey were both incubating. Two miles north of Ghost was another osprey that was incubating.

Old Business: Bob Dale reported that Pat Retzlaff, Recreational Officer for Sawyer County, has been out and will continue to monitor Lost Land and Teal Lakes along with Sue Miller, WDNR.

New Business: Board Elections: the slate consisted of John Hanson-Vice President, Orlin Johnson-Treasurer, Larry Koshak-Environment and John Gouze-Properties/Fisheries. The slate was approved as presented. A big thank you to Chris Callaway for his service with Properties/Fisheries and to John Gouze for accepting Properties/Fisheries. Objectives for 2011 will be discussed at the September board meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 11:15 am

Respectfully submitted,
Ginny Wiklund, Secretary