July 2021 Meeting Minutes – Amended October 2021

Meeting Minutes from July 10, 2021 – Amended on 10/25/2021

Annual Board Meeting at Town of Spider Lake Town Hall, Town Hall Road, Hayward, WI

These meeting minutes are condensed. More information could be obtained from Dane Skow (former Secretary for the QLIA).

Minutes Created by: Norm Brattieg & Carolyn Ascher

Annual meeting was held from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 10th,.

Agenda (not attached because the Agrenda for this meeting is not accessible until our website is recovered. The following is a condensed re-cap of the QLIA Annual Meeting.

Dan Skow announced Secretary’s Report – all approved Perry Cowan presented the Treasurers Report – all approved

Michelle Keil presented an extensive report regarding the success & plans for the Eco Harvester. Michelle also reported on our Water Quality Program.

Dave Neuswanger presented highlights for the Fisheries Program. John Grady presented Shoreland Habitat Improvement New Board Members were elected & announced:

Norm Bratteig was elected President, Steve Fiala retained the Director at Large position and Carolyn Ascher is our new Secretary. Perry Cowan is still Treasurer, not up for reelection until 2022.

The QLIA Board will be meeting and planning an annual 2021 picnic in the immediate future and we will be sending a “Save the Date” message to all members by email soon.. For now we will be using email for notification as our website is temporarily down & we’ll have the website up and running within the next week.

Our immediate plans are to start training the Eco Harvester with volunteers on Lost Land Lake Monday July 12th . We have more volunteers ready to help operate the Eco Harvester and we will strive to gain more interest in running it, thus enabling the

Harvester operation for as long as the weeds are harvestable. When the weeds start dying off they become too fragile to harvest without breaking up.

There was a binding vote with all members present regarding the concept to pursue a constable to police the Quiet Lakes. Dave Neuswanger, President of QLIA during the Annual Meeting, proposed the concept of looking into the grant from the State of Wi. & the members voted 31 YES and 59 NO.

Minutes Created by:

Norm Bratteig, President

Carolyn Ascher, Secretary

Quiet Lake Improvement Association

The Quiet Lakes Improvement Association is known officially as the “Teal, Lost Land, and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association, Inc.” Our Mission: To provide a forum for communication that fosters support and volunteer action to maintain ecosystem integrity.

Additional Meeting Minutes from July 10, 2021 QLIA Annual Meeting Created by Dane Skow – Acting QLIA Secretary up to July 10, 2021. These notes were presented to the QLIA Board on October 5, 2021.

The meeting started around 10:40AM, July 10, 2021

2019 Minutes were approved as published. There was no meeting in 2020, so those were the most recent minutes.

Dave took responsibility for 2020 decision not to operate EcoHarvester. Contention over impact of that decision and whether QLIA procedure was followed.

Treasurer’s report:

Balance of accounts is $10,689.20
No notice of dues means there is bad contact information. 171 members (64 unpaid membership)

Investigate low cost electronic payment Confusion on benefits associated with tiered membership. ~10% in favor, ~30% not in show of hands poll.

Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Michelle gave water quality program report. Data may help guide the milfoil removal program. Quality is stable and good (LLL & Teal). No monitoring has been done on Ghost. Phosphorus and cloriform are monitored by the state.

Question: What would happen if the lake were overrun by aquatic plants. This would result in “higher” water quality measurements.

Fisheries report:

Walleye initiative still underway with stocking due to happen in 2021. 10/acre (Teal), 5/acre (LLL), 10/acre (Ghost) is planned stocking density. Program ends when population estimates is done. Not to be done before 2023. (Target 2023-2027 for walleye estimate). Program may continue or may require private funds. Should we contact Walleys for Tomorrow ? Or Walleys for NW WI? Fry stocking is ineffective in QL due to large bass and pike populations.


Panfish survey will be done this year. Report is expected for experimental program this Fall. May be busy egg collections in Fall 2021 to help with WI statewide breading program. LLL musky estimate is 1 musky/2 acres = 700 musky.

Shoreline program: Marking target trees on state lands this summer. Felling trees this Fall or Winter. Volunteers are welcomed and appreciated.

Navigation safety: New boys on order pending delivery delays. Current markers have been refurbished. Damage was done over the winter. Likely from snowmobiles ? Volunteers to help with refurbishment are welcome. Interested parties are asked to contact John N.

Martha looking to create a history book of the QL. Volunteers needed to their their family story. Estimate this is a 2 year project. Could put the results up on town website for parties willing. Similar to what was done with Namakogan. $20 per copy price target.

Invasive Species Report: (Michelle Kiel)

June 8 EXCOM meeting voted to exchange Ecoharvester between Teal and LLL on a weekly basis. Start with Teal. Lead operators found (who?) Perry (LLL) and Peter Laks

? (Teal). Art Miller volunteered done to store Ecoharvester on the water. Big operating efficiencies not having to remove harvester from lakes daily (1-2 hours/day). Milfoil maps on the website ?

Winter 2021 research projects to fine tune mitigation program for 2022. Chemical treatments are resistant. Need to (re)evaluate options Chemical control has been tried. See 2017 plan for details on what has been tried. Opering to produce periodic summary of experience and questions.

First significant operation has been on Teal. Thanks to Mike for allowing use of old Sunset Lodge ramp. 16-17 June operators were trained on LLL. 9 hoppers taken in so far (6 on Teal, 3 LLL) 20 tones of weeds we (in 2 weeks operation)

Teal has 3 operators (Dan, Gary, Peter and 6 volunteers). LLL team is needed.

Is there a Liability waiver needs ? Cost for liability insurance ? Insurance tied to 2 DL ? Basic operations guide created. Several safety/operations modifications done. Team = 3 people. ~2 hours/load in best conditions. 4 hour shifts are best.

Ralf Hlaben (sp?) gave permission to use Retreat ramp on Steamboat. Need help monitoring week height to know when/where to harvest. Travel time is longer than harvest time. There is about a 2 month harvest window during each summer. Bill Stennes volunteered to doc harvester in Steamboat. Kim Phelps explaining the status of equipment sharing and repair.

Boating Ordinance: State rules don’t cover Spider Lake ordinance enforcement. Would require decicated law enforcement person for the enforcement. 1 campaign has been informational (posters, bumper stickers, signs, etc) Anecdotal evidence is there has been small improvement.

DNR has funds to assist Operation Dry Water in enforcing local ordinances. 75% DNR cost share for 1 year. The proposal would have to come from the Town of Spider Lake. Deadline is March 2022.

Question was raised about the 35% cost share for the Harvester that fell through. What would be the outyear commitments ?

Question posed to QLIA as to whether Board should investigate options for officer ? ~30% in favor ~60% against in show of hands poll.

Floor nomination for Carolyn Asher for Secretary.

Vote held and results were:

President: Norm Brattieg (NNN), Dave Neuswanger (nnn). Norm won
Secretary: Dane Skow (nnn), Carolyn Asher (NNN). Carolyn won
Member at Large: Steve Fiala (NNN), Dan Fitzsimmons (nnn). Steve won