Minutes of the Spring 2021 Meeting of the QLIA Executive Committee can be viewed by clicking on the PDF file link below. You will be happy to see that we are “back in business” after a year of prudent precaution until everyone had a chance to be vaccinated. The EXCOM plans to hold one more meeting later this spring in order to plan the summer General Membership Meeting to be held in July.

Spring 2021 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 3-24-21.docx

Because of serious health risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, the QLIA Executive Committee voted on July 28, 2020 not to conduct a 2020 Annual Meeting of the General Membership. Approved Minutes of the EXCOM’s virtual meeting on July 28 are posted below under “Executive Committee Meeting Minutes.” Click on that bold blue link to read the latest news on EXCOM activity and the impacts of COVID-19 on all QLIA operations.

Previously drafted Summer 2019 Meeting Minutes of the QLIA General Membership, though approved by the EXCOM for member review, remain PROVISIONAL as of 8/1/2020 until they can be approved by a majority of voting members at our next Annual Meeting, hopefully in July of 2021. Members who see errors or omissions in this DRAFT document are encouraged to e-mail quiet_lakes@yahoo.com. Your help will be appreciated.

2019 Summer Meeting Minutes – Provisional as of 11/1/19

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes:

Summer 2020 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 7/28/20
Fall 2019 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 10/22/19
Summer 2018 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 6/22/18
Spring 2018 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 3/13/2018
Fall 2017 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 10/24/17

Previously Approved General Membership Meeting Minutes:

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