When does the ice USUALLY go out?
By Dave Neuswanger
Spring 2018

Bill and Jeanie Boersma have been tracking the ice-out date on Teal Lake since they moved there in 1970. With only one missing date (2003), I know of no more complete record of ice-out on any of the Quiet Lakes (click here to view Teal Lake Ice-Out Records in a separate window).

Based on the data provided by Bill and Jeanie, the average ice-out date for Teal Lake was April 18 during the 1970-2017 time period. In order to visualize any potential trend in these data, I plotted each year’s ice-out date in relation to the long-term average (click here to view graphic depiction of Teal Lake ice-out data). Note the increased variability in spring ice-out dates since the mid-1990s. It also seems that ice-outs are occurring earlier than average in recent decades. This year (2018) is shaping up to be another extreme departure from average (in this case, much later than usual).

Bill and Jeanie also kept records for Lost Land Lake from 1955 (the year of my birth!) through 1969, but I don’t know if anyone picked up where they left off on Lost Land. I know of no such records for Ghost Lake. If you have such records — ice-on or ice-out dates for any of our lakes — please share them with me (e-mail dneuswanger@gmail.com) so I can post them here for everyone’s benefit.