Herbicide Application Completed

On Tuesday, June 20, Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Committee Chair Norm Bratteig and member Scott Johnson spent half a day overseeing the contracted application of Reward herbicide to several previously identified patches of Hybrid Eurasian Water Milfoil (HEWM) in Lost Land Lake. This invasive aquatic plant grows faster than native plants and was just starting to become visible from the surface in some dense patches in Wilson and Landing Camp bays. The treatment occurred just before HEWM “topped out” (laid over at surface) and became highly vulnerable to inadvertent fragmentation and spreading by lake users.

This DNR-approved, one-time spot-treatment of Reward herbicide (diquat dibromide) was recommended in the May 2017 update of our Aquatic Plant Management Plan, giving us time to communicate with membership about raising funds for the purchase of an Eco-Harvester (mechanical plant puller). The AIS Committee and QLA Executive Committee are unanimous in our belief that mechanical control will be the safest, most effective, and most affordable solution to this problem in 2018 and beyond. By show of hands, members attending the Annual Meeting at Boulder Lodge on July 15 were almost unanimous in their encouragement to begin a campaign to raise $70,000 to buy an Eco-Harvester.

Thanks to Norm and Scott for ensuring that our contractor (Lake and Pond Solutions in Greenville, Wisconsin) had accurate GPS coordinates for infestation sites and were able to target the problem areas identified in our permit application.