Partnering with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to assist in creating and sustaining quality fishing is a high priority for the Quiet Lakes Improvement Association. We place great value in making it possible for family members, friends, and guests to share quiet moments and make lasting memories in pursuit of walleyes, black crappies, muskies, and other sport fish in Teal, Lost Land, and Ghost lakes.

For some, fishing is a thrilling challenge to be pursued only after thorough preparation, with in-depth knowledge of quarry, technical gear expertise, and dogged persistence. For others, fishing is merely an excuse to be on the water, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature, quietly escaping from an increasingly noisy and hectic world. And for still others, fishing is driven by a combination of these values and the desire to put some healthy, locally-grown protein on the table. Because fishing is so important to our way of life here in the North Woods, we devote several pages to various aspects of fishing that our members and guests may find interesting.

Our Fishing Regulations page will provide up-to-date information on seasons, size limits, and bag limits, and suggestions for catch-and-release or selective harvest that go beyond the legal requirements for maintaining quality fishing.

Our Fish Stocking page will provide relevant fish stocking history (past 20 years) and updates about needs and recent stocking events. For complex reasons, natural reproduction is always preferable to stocking, but stocking can help to correct imbalances when they occur.

Our Fish Habitat page, new in January of 2018, will provide information on the most common types of habitat improvement projects undertaken by lake managers, usually with volunteer support from organizations like QLIA.   Projects with real potential to improve fishing (placing trees in shallow water near shore) will be contrasted with traditional projects that have generally failed to produce intended results (fish cribs and rock blankets).

Our Tribal Spearfishing page will provide relevant tribal walleye harvest data (past 10 years) that places such harvest into proper perspective.

Our Fishery Planning page will share information about Fishery Management Plans for Teal, Lost Land, and Ghost lakes as they develop.