Septic Tank Management Reminders

Sawyer County Sanitarian Eric Wellauer was kind enough to share with us an article produced by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services that he submitted to the April 8, 2020 edition of the Sawyer County Record in order to highlight anticipated impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on septic system operation and maintenance. This topic is important to all lakeshore property owners. To view the informative article in PDF format, click on the bold blue link below:

COVID-19 Impact on Septic Systems

Everyone is encouraged to inspect their septic systems every three years as required, have their tanks pumped as needed, be careful not to overload them (especially with materials not easily digested by tank bacteria), and be mindful of the effects of disinfectants on proper functioning of septic systems. Remember, keeping these waste management systems functioning properly is an investment in good lake water quality and groundwater (well water) that is safe for drinking.

Dave Neuswanger, QLIA President
April 9, 2020