A Quiet Lakes Improvement Association update.…

For those of you who were not present at the annual meeting on Saturday, July 10th,, we had an election of officers. We are pleased to announce that Norm Bratteig was elected President, Steve Fiala retained the Director at Large position and Carolyn Ascher is our new Secretary. Perry Cowan is still Treasurer, not up for reelection until 2022. After the QLIA (Quiet Lakes Improvement Association) Annual Meeting, Kim Phelps was appointed to serve the balance of 2021 as Vice President, vacated by Norm Bratteig.

The QLIA Board will be meeting and planning an annual 2021 picnic in the immediate future and we will be sending a “Save the Date” message to all members by email soon.. For now we will be using email for notification as our website is temporarily down & we’ll have the website up and running within the next week.

Our immediate plans are to start training the Eco Harvester with volunteers on Lost Land Lake Monday July 12th . We have more volunteers ready to help operate the Eco Harvester and we will strive to gain more interest in running it, thus enabling the Harvester operation for as long as the weeds are harvestable. When the weeds start dying off they become too fragile to harvest without breaking up.

The board would like to thank everyone who showed up for the meeting. It was the largest turn out I have seen in my 20+ years on the board!

For those of you who do not know me, my wife Linda & I are 40 year members of the Association. I have been on the board in different positions for 20 years & ran a business on Lost Land Lake for 20 years which you know as Red Deer Lodge & Resort
Thank your again for all the support this past weekend & thank you in advance for all the support our members will offer the QLIA.

Norm Bratteig, President
Quiet Lake Improvement Association

The Quiet Lakes Improvement Association is known officially as the “Teal, Lost Land, and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association, Inc.” Our Mission: To provide a forum for communication that fosters support and volunteer action to maintain ecosystem integrity.