2021 By-Law Changes Meeting Minutes for October 5th 2021

2021 By-Law Changes Meeting
October 5th at Spider Lakes Town Hall at 9:00 A.M.
Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Norm Bratteig, President – Kim Phelps, VP, Steve Fiala, Director at Large, Carolyn Ascher, Secretary Members and Guests Present: 26 attendees & guest speaker Megan Mader from LEAPS LLC Meeting Minutes (created by Carolyn Ascher)

1. Board & Member Guests approved the meeting minutes from the July 10th , 2021 annual meeting.

2. Norm Bratteig introduced Megan Mader from LEAPS LLC. Megan explained the grant process and Q&A session carried on for 40 minutes including concerns about the verbiage: “for the good of the general public” which was item #1 in our by-Law change request to the members. Also, we gained knowledge from Megan Mader regarding how the volunteer hours are calculated towards our grant and the answer was….”$10.00 hourly for man-power & $12.00 an hour for boat time”. Norm Bratteig provided details regarding our recent history and it will be a realistic goal to provide $4,000.00 worth of volunteer value in order to satisfy the grant based on 2021’s volunteer data. It was explained by Megan Mader that the expertise provided by LEAPS LLC is assisting QLIA with the grant process as well as conducting the studies & results for identifying if the Eco-Harvester is actually mitigating the milfoil. Gary & Michelle Keil explained to the members that we are not changing the purpose of the QLIA, simply adding verbiage in order to increase our probability of being awarded the grant. Amy Jo Wittenberg statedthat it is actually our tax dollars that are used for these grants & that we need to change the verbiage to create a more convincing purpose.

3. The board & members voted & approved the by-law change for Articile 2: Purpose, Section 1 and we are adding the verbiage “for the good of the general public” to this segment of the by-laws. All but one member guest approved this by-law change.

4. The board & members voted & approved the by-law change for Article 11: changing the words “written notice” to email notice unless we do not have an email on file & for those members we will mail out a notice”. All guests and members present voted “yes” to this by-law change.

Discussion regarding the buoys on the lake. Bob Dale brought up the subject and stated that we are accepting a liability by managing the buoy’s and this should be a DNR responsibility. Many others agreed this was not a good idea to manage the lake buoys. It as agreed to by the board & member guests that we will look into the laws and discuss further buoy management and liability. We want to validate with the DNR if in fact it is NOT the responsibility of the QLIA before we add this disclaimer to our QLIA website.

Discussion regarding the speed limit on the lake was productive & the QLIA board members stated that we agree that the 10 mph speed limit is important. Member Guests announced that our July annual meeting left a negative image to the TOSL residents & that it appeared as if the QLIA new board members (as of July 2021) were against the speed limit. Carolyn Ascher announced that we are against the funding for a constable and having our taxes raised in order to pay for a constable.
As a resolution: QLIA is adding the ordinance information to the QLIA website so that more boaters (especially short term renters) can be more aware of the 10 mile per hour speed limit. Prudence Ross took a few signs for her guest cabins that she can post “Teal & Lost Land Lakes have a 10 mph speed limit. The board members and guests agreed that they will take part in informing boaters to slow down.

Discussion regarding loading dock monitors was basically shut down quickly when we reminded the board & member guests that this was done in the past & being that there are many private loading docks on Teal & Lost Land Lakes that looking for another grant or volunteers to monitor the cleanliness of boats entering our lakes is a “five sided shark cage” because we can not control all the boats entering our lakes.

Meeting adjourned @ 10:15 a.m.