WDNR Online Angler Survey – Preliminary Results

WDNR Online Angler Survey - Preliminary Results

WDNR Sawyer County Fishery Biologist Max Wolter is grateful for the feedback received from Quiet Lakes anglers who participated in his April online survey. The survey is now closed, and Max has shared results from 59 respondents for whom fishing on Teal and Lost Land lakes (combined) is an important activity.

Max was interested in comparing these April 2018 survey results with data from a visioning session that I facilitated with 19 local stakeholders in June of 2006. The attached document (click on link below to view in separate window) presents two tables — one containing raw data from both surveys, and another summarizing those data with relative importance rankings.

Fish Species of Angling Interest in Teal and Lost Land lakes

Max and I were pleasantly surprised at the degree of concurrence between these two different polling methods. Walleyes were Number 1 in angling interest in both the 2006 visioning session and the 2018 online survey. Black crappies and muskellunge ranked either second or third depending on survey method, so both were very important. Smallmouth bass rounded out the top four species — all of which generated above average interest among anglers on Teal and Lost Land Lake in both surveys. There was a large gap in the level of sport fishing interest between the top four and the bottom four species (largemouth bass, bluegill, northern pike, and yellow perch) in both surveys.

This information, combined with other data on size and harvest preferences for each species, will serve as a guide to completion of a Fishery Management Plan for Teal and Lost Land lakes in the coming year.

Dave Neuswanger
QLIA President
May 2, 2018

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