Quiet Lakes Association

Permanent and seasonal residents and resort owners who live on or within one mile of Teal, Lost Land, or Ghost lakes are eligible and encouraged to become members of the Quiet Lakes Improvement Association (QLIA), as are renters and campers who spend at least 30 days per year on or adjacent to these three lakes. Dues are only $20 per year for individuals or families, collected and applied on a calendar-year basis (January 1).

Membership Renewal Form 2019

New Member Application Form 2019

Greetings New Members! The Quiet Lakes Improvement Association Executive Committee would like to welcome all members who have joined our ranks since the Annual Meeting in summer of 2017. Welcome neighbors! We hope you will enjoy and contribute to the programs and projects our humble organization has to offer.

New members joining QLIA in 2019:

Shane and Stefani Pitkin (Teal Lake) of Cedar Falls, IA joined on 1/16/19
John and Emily Sleichter (Lost Land Lake) of Muscatine, IA joined on 1/25/19
Dave and Ginny Samuelson (Teal Lake) of Davenport, IA joined on 3/19/19

New members joining QLIA in 2018 at or after the Annual Meeting on July 29:

Kim and LouAnn Phelps (Lost Land Lake) of Hayward, WI joined on 7/29/18
Al and Tina Foster (Lost Land Lake) of Hayward, WI joined on 7/29/18
Tom and Carol Jarzyna (Teal Lake) of Hayward, WI joined on 7/29/18
Lynn and Donna Wulf (Lost Land Lake) of Waconia, MN rejoined on 8/1/18
Tom and Nancy Ridgway (Lost Land Lake) of Hilton Head Island, SC joined on 8/20/18
John and Christina Scharlau (Lost Land Lake) of Elk Mound, WI joined on 10/23/18
Dan and Jan Gavin (Lost Land Lake) of Hudson, WI joined on 10/8/18
Stan and Carmen Sroka (Lost Land Lake) of Buffalo Grove, IL joined on 11/28/18
John and Terry Goth (Lost Land Lake) of Lake Villa, IL joined on 12/5/18
Jerry and Sharon Oltman (Lost Land Lake) of Edina, MN joined on 12/12/18
John and Amy Jo Wittenberg (Teal Lake) of Indian Head Park, IL on 12/15/18
Gary and Marcia Dohrn (Ghost Lake) of Lynn Center, IL on 12/17/18

New members joining QLIA in 2018 before the Annual Meeting on July 29:

Karen Horting and Aaron Zelko (Lost Land Lake) of Lemont, IL joined on 1/5/18
Dave and Beth Kemis (Lost Land Lake) of Luck, WI joined on 1/7/18
Rob and Kristin Fiala (Lost Land Lake) of Tacoma, WA joined on 3/27/18
Andy and Katie Boggust (Teal Lake) of Rochester, MN joined on 4/15/18
Fred and Peggy Haueter (Teal Lake) of Port Ludlow, WA joined on 4/17/18
Larry and Ann Wheeler (Lost Land Lake) of West Des Moines, IA joined on 4/15/18
Dave and Mary Kallal (Lost Land Lake) of Arlington Heights, IL joined on 5/12/18
Tom and Chris McEnery (Lost Land Lake) of Minneapolis, MN joined on 7/8/18

New members joining QLIA in 2017 at or after the Annual Meeting on July 25:

Dan and Jackie Posthuma (Teal Lake) of Sheboygan Falls, WI joined on 7/15/17
Bart and Bonnie Shanley (Lost Land Lake) of Hayward, WI joined on 7/15/17
Chris and Tammy Dolen (Lost Land Lake) of Eau Claire, WI joined on 8/12/17
Ryan and Michelle Predni (Lost Land Lake) of Trego, WI joined on 8/12/17
Kurt and Cindy Rymer (Lost Land Lake) of Medford, WI joined on 8/12/17
Gary and Michelle Keil (Teal Lake) of Hayward, WI joined on 10/25/17

Everyone, please make our new neighbors and members feel welcome!