Quiet Lakes Association

Quiet Lakes Association

Welcome to our website! In May of 2017 the Quiet Lakes Association (QLA) launched this site to facilitate communication among our members about aquatic plant management, fishery management, social events, and other topics of community interest. We encourage everyone to spread the word that most QLA news and information will now be distributed online at this site.

At our Annual Meeting on July 15, I was elected to serve as your new President, Gail Nicholson was installed as our new Secretary, and Steve Fiala was elected to serve in a previously vacant position as Director-at-Large. We offer our sincere thanks to outgoing President Bob Dale for 8 years of dedicated service, and for making this transition as easy and enjoyable as possible. We would also like to thank Shari Peterson for 6+ years of service as Secretary, and for helping the Aquatic Invasive Species Committee to update our Aquatic Plant Management Plan. Please take a moment to personally thank these great people for the time and expertise they shared for the benefit of others for so many years.

I feel slightly intimidated by my new responsibilities, but I am relieved to join an Executive Committee with the experience, knowledge, and commitment of Norm Bratteig (Vice-President) and Gayle Little (Treasurer/Membership Chair). It all seems a little less daunting knowing these positive, hands-on folks are only a phone call away. I think I can speak for Gail and Steve by stating that we look forward to working together with Norm and Gayle as a team to serve the interests of our members.

As you begin to explore our new website, please take some time to read the 2017 Update of our Aquatic Plant Management Plan. Our Aquatic Invasive Species Committee put hundreds of hours into the preparation of this document over the past year. It is the basis for many actions that will require active member support over the coming months. The background section contains a summary of water quality data gathered over two decades by several of our dedicated members. If you have questions about Hybrid Eurasian Water Milfoil in Lost Land Lake, and what we plan to do about it, you should find most answers in the updated Plan and other documents posted on the Aquatic Plants page.

Donna Nickel has graciously agreed to serve as social content coordinator for our website. You may have seen Donna’s prose in the Spider Lake News section of the Sawyer County Record, or in many of the blog posts linked to our site (lower right sidebar). I will continue to serve as science/technical editor for our website, but I look forward to working with Donna to provide a forum for her to share more of the “fun stuff” going on around the lake. And we can all look forward to the photography of Bryan Neuswanger of Keenai Photography, who will also serve as photo editor for submissions by others.

Dave Neuswanger
QLA President — August 12, 2017

QLA President Dave Neuswanger displays the “Science Pike” on his family’s boat house in Steamboat Bay of Lost Land Lake.